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Blair Hall Coffee Now Served at Evergreens Coffee & Bakeshop in Oxford

Evergreens Coffee & Bakeshop in Oxford is now serving Blair Hall Coffee. In addition to a complete coffee and tea menu that includes hot and iced drinks, Evergreens is widely known for inventing the Bagel Bomb. Perfect for any time of the day, this is a warm bagel dough wrapped delight filled with sweet and savory ingredients ranging from apple, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, to sausage/egg/cheese, jalapeño/cheddar, and bacon/cheddar.
Evergreens Coffee & Bake Shop is located at 9 South Washington Street Oxford, MI 48371.
Hours: Mon.–Fri. 6am-5pm, Sat. 7am-5pm, Sun. 7am-2pm
You can find out more about Evergreens at
Headquartered in Auburn Hills, Blair Hall Coffee is a specialty roaster of coffee beans from around the world. Using mostly Estate Grown coffee beans, our unique roasting process delivers the freshest coffee possible and filters out all the chaff, which eliminates any bitter taste. You can find out more about Blair Hall Coffee at
Contact: Mike Kneffel
Co-Founder, Blair Hall Coffee


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