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Dewpoint - Now it the Time to Migrate to a VDI Environment

Please take a few moments and read our attached white paper regarding VDI.  VDI delivers savings and scalability and security to support the goals of your business.

You may have heard of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and possibly even previously looked at it , but found the costs outweighed the benefits for your organization. Throughout this paper, we are going to explore the various reasons companies are re-evaluating VDI and making the switch.

For the most part, the way organizations handle IT infrastructure has remained unchanged for the past 30 years. While the technology has improved, become faster, cheaper, and easier, the underlying infrastructure has remained stagnant. We are still managing multiple endpoints like we did in the days of Windows XP. We are still spending large percentages of our IT budges on replacing hardware to ensure users have the computing power needed, while many of our employees have more processing capabilities in their tablet at home than they do in their work equipment, causing frustration for many.

While your desire is to provide your entire organization with a better experience, you are also facing budget cuts, at an increasing rate. Trying to prioritize all the needs of the entire organization is becoming a more significant task than what you’re prepared to deliver with your current infrastructure.

This is where VDI comes in as an easier, better way. This newer infrastructure is what today’s top CIOs are implementing in record numbers and doing so for a number of reasons. We will explore those further in this paper, but the top of the list includes cost savings and increased employee morale. 

If you have explored migrating to VDI in the past, you undoubtedly found that it was not a cost-savings. Often times, it would actually require a higher investment level than a traditional computer environment and causing CIOs to stop looking at it.

As with most technologies, the first iteration is more expensive and doesn’t deliver on all the promises. Over the past years, Dewpoint  has worked to develop a couple of VDI solutions that delivers on all the benefits but also meets an investment level making it a smart decision for companies of all sizes. The first solution is setting up VDI infrastructure for an organization either on-premise or in the cloud.  The second solution is to offer Dewpoint Desktop as a Service (DDaaS) where Dewpoint manages the VDI environment for an organization on a per seat charge. THE CLOUD DELIVERS SAVINGS & SCALABILITY

Today, everyone is talking cloud. Cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud applications, and so forth. Through all these clouds, there is a ray of sunshine.

One of the reasons VDI has had such a high investment level was it required high priced infrastructure investments for on-premise solutions. This caused the overall investment to adopt VDI to skyrocket and also extended the implementation time.

While we now can deliver a lower cost solution using on-premise equipment, most organizations are migrating to a newer cloud VDI solution allowing them to implement the solution faster and at a much lower cost.
Forrester recently reported that “Seeking to arm employees with the technology they need to drive business growth, enterprises have invested in digital workspace technologies like virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), but change is coming to the world of client virtualization: the cloud.

Cloud desktops are evolving to help drive better employee experience (EX), enabling more dynamic, secure, flexible access to enterprise resources on a global scale.”

Through the use of a cloud to implement VDI, it becomes not only more cost- effective, but also easier to scale. With on-premise hardware, you have to scale in blocks instead of having access to just-in-time resources.
In a cloud environment, you benefit from the ability to add resources at peak times and then not pay for those during off times. It also lets you add resources for a single user instead of needing to buy equipment for future growth.

Most employees today are expecting more from their technology. They are living in smart homes with powerful computers in their pocket. They live in a high-tech world outside of work and expect the same (or better) experience at work as well. They want to be able to get work done in the 30-minute break between meetings at a coffee shop. They want to be able to catch up on more than just emails on a Saturday morning on their back deck and to be able to get to the office, boot up and get to work right away without having to worry about that 20 minute Windows update that they weren’t expecting.

These are all employee experiences factoring into where they choose to work and how productive they are when they are working. You want to be able to deliver on the needs of your organization, and VDI can help you do just that.

With just entering a simple URL, your team can be up and running on the same desktop experience they have right now. They can be at a coffee shop or their office desk and the experience is the same with optimized performance.
This is a result of housing the desktop right next to your application, storage, and servers, eliminating the latency between resources. Additionally, users can use any device whether it’s their personal device or organization-owned. This allows them to use almost any device that they want, at any location resulting in more productivity during downtime.

One of the most significant risks with a BYOD policy is the security of the data on a device. Whether a security breach is  malicious or not, allowing users to store organization-owned and possibly sensitive data on their personal devices poses a high risk for theft and loss of data.

With a VDI environment and proper security settings, this is no longer the case. The user’s device is simply acting as a conduit to the organization-owned environment. There is no data actually stored on the end-user device. Additionally, you are able to implement security policies that restrict access to USB devices (including thumb drives), determine who has access to what programs, make patch updates on just one server to ensure all users are protected.

Increased security is  a tremendous benefit of VDI , causing CIOs to migrate to this platform and allowing for companies to have greater control over their data while reducing costs.

We all know that insanity is defined by doing the same thing but expecting different results. A lot of IT departments find themselves in this situation.

They are either expecting different results, or they have just become complacent with the way things are and simply “live with it”. It doesn’t have to be this way.

While adoption of VDI had somewhat peaked with the enterprises that could justify the costs, this more commoditized, second-generation innovation has brought new life to the technology and we are seeing increased adoption faster than ever before.

The ability to scale easily in an on-demand way while realizing up to a 50% savings compared to previous iterations is leading the reasons why CIOs are reporting they are switching.

In addition to the potential savings, IT leadership also has the ability to roll it out in a variety of forms including “roll your own” where Dewpoint can set up the VDI solution in the cloud as well as through our newest offering, Dewpoint Desktop as a Service (DDaaS), where you can simply subscribe to a per-seat model allowing for a more hybrid model of VDI and management. Either option gives CIOs more confidence, convenience, and control over all aspects of their IT environment.

At Dewpoint, we have been servicing organizations with IT infrastructure needs since 1996. With experienced professionals dedicated to bringing business ROI to technology needs, we have the skill set to assess your current environment, find the gaps and provide a complete turnkey solution to accomplish whatever goals you want to achieve.

From cloud computing and security offerings to providing project management, Agile transition or end user support, Dewpoint can provide IT certified professionals  to assist and enhance your IT needs.
Our leadership team is comprised of industry veterans with backgrounds in both enterprise and small/medium sized organizations. This gives us the ability to understand the needs of your organization and the knowledge to know what works in every scenario.

If you find yourself struggling with the ability to hit IT milestones and keep up with the current demand of your organization, contact us to schedule a free consultation. We will bring in our solution consultants to review your current situation, identify the gaps and develop a roadmap to success, all at no charge to you.
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