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How a single mom went from scared to City Council: Susan Bowyer’s Neighborhood House Success Story

Susan Bowyer was a PhD student with a toddler when her world was upended by divorce. She needed help, and she needed it fast. Neighborhood House was there for her.

Like many people, Bowyer – now a Rochester Hills City Councilwoman, a Medical Physicist and the Scientific Director of the Neuromagnetism Lab at Henry Ford Hospital – just needed a boost. She didn’t need massive amounts of money for a long period of time. 

She needed help to get over a setback.

Her story is why Neighborhood House does the work that it does. Because there are those in every community who just need that boost; that helping hand. They don’t want handouts, and they are actively seeking self-sustainability. They just need someone to help them get back on their feet.

Bowyer used her boost to propel herself into success – and community service. She and her son are now thriving, due to donations from ordinary people helping in extraordinary ways when they needed it most.

Bowyer received food from the Neighborhood House Food Pantry and clothes at the Neighborhood House Clothes Closet. She didn’t have to quit school – and give up on her dream and a secure job – because she had hands at her back helping her up.

That’s what Neighborhood House is here for: 

“We help our neighbors with making budgets, job searching and coaching, counseling, and more. In a nutshell, we help people help themselves,” said Neighborhood House Executive Director, Kathy Losinksi. “Just like Bowyer did all those years ago. We have hundreds of success stories like her, and will continue to help others along the way.”

She now donates both her time and resources to Neighborhood House as a way to pay if forward, after relying on its services for two years during her time of need. 

“We helped her fulfill a dream; now she helps others fulfill theirs,” said Losinski. 

As Neighborhood House begins its Spring Fundraising Drive, they ask others to join in their journey of being the community’s resource and safety net in times of need. Join others like Bowyer who are now able to give back because of the incredible support of this neighborhoods’ house. 

About Neighborhood House:
Neighborhood House serves Rochester, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Oakland Township and Addison Township. They provide rent and utility financial assistance, operate a Food Pantry and Clothes Closet, offer transportation services, provide counseling, facilitate many educational programs for families in need, and more. Last year, Neighborhood House's programs helped over 3,000 households on their path from financial crisis to self-sustainability. You can follow Neighborhood House on Facebook at or visit their website at

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