How Dewpoint Helps Business - Avoid Common Cloud Pitfalls

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June 28, 2019

Avoiding Common Cloud Pitfalls

By Rich Benoit, Cloud Solution Architect at Dewpoint

It seems like everyone is going to the cloud these days, although not everyone understands the implications of doing so.  Major providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google have made it easy to get started with free trial periods.  What they don’t mention in the advertising are some of the pitfalls trapping unsuspecting clients of cloud services:
  • Unpredictable pricing
  • Do It Yourself Security
  • Periodic Maintenance Outages

Unpredictable Pricing

Complex Pricing Calculator. The major providers have several fields to complete with multiple variables making it difficult to accurately price your cloud cost. 
Confusing Options. The major providers have four or five options with several combinations making it difficult to determine which one is right for you.  Without detailed metrics on your applications, some of these options are a guess and could increase the price by providing unneeded services. 
Variable Charges.  Although you may be allowed to move data to the cloud for free, removing the data often incurs a fee for each GB of data retrieved.  Variable charges can also be incurred for storage and network usage.  In addition, each snapshot or backup requires additional storage that also may incur a variable charge. 
Additional Fees.  Ancillary charges may be incurred for load balancing, VPN, fixed external IP addresses and other supporting services. 

Do It Yourself Security

Although major public clouds are very secure internally, out of the box cloud service deployments have the security equivalent of a simple home firewall.  All it takes is one misconfiguration mistake and some or all of your systems and data are visible through the internet.  You will need to pay for additional security in the cloud environment to make your data secure.

Periodic Maintenance Outages

When performing periodic in the cloud, the VM goes down.  Although it will restart, the VM will have these periodic outages meaning to have 100% uptime of your applications requires having redundancy in place to spread the workload.  Again, this will result in additional costs.

How Dewpoint Can Help

Dewpoint offers a full range of cloud services including an enterprise grade data center located within Michigan, infrastructure and security.  We have certified, professionals to help you determine the best lowest cost solution for your organization. 
Below is a table of major features comparing Dewpoint’s Managed Service Offering to Azure and AWS:
Feature Dewpoint Azure AWS
Pricing Fixed Variable Variable
Complexity Simple Complex Complex
Maintenance Impacts None Outage Outage
High Availability Included Included Included
Basic Firewall Included Included Included
VPC Security Included None None
Platform as a Service Included None None
Contact Dennis Radosevich at Dewpoint ( for additional information on our Cloud Services and how we can help you ensure your data is safe and accessible with “no surprises” on monthly costs.

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