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Neighborhood House Offers Easter Joy to Families: Register Now for Free Easter Baskets for Children

In the spirit of Easter, Neighborhood House is delighted to announce a special initiative to bring joy to families in our community. We invite all active Neighborhood House clients to register for a free Easter basket, ensuring a festive celebration for children aged 1-18.

How to Register for Your Free Easter Basket:
Starting February 1st Active Neighborhood House clients can register their children to receive an Easter basket. The registration process is simple and can be completed by visiting before the deadline on March 15th.

What's Inside the Easter Basket:
Each Easter basket will be filled with delightful treats, toys, books and surprises suitable for different age groups. Our aim is to make this Easter a memorable and joyful experience for every child in our community.

“At Neighborhood House, we are deeply committed to fostering a spirit of togetherness. Our aim is not just to offer assistance but to weave a tapestry of support, bringing joy to families in their times of need. We are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to serve, recognizing that true strength lies in the unity and compassion we cultivate within our community.” Bris Roberts, Director of Marketing and Communications
How to Register:

  1. Visit the Registration Page: Go to between February 1st and March 15th
  2. Fill out the Registration Form: Provide the necessary information about your child, ensuring accurate details for a personalized Easter basket.
  3. Confirmation: You will receive a confirmation email once the registration is complete with further details to set a pick up appointment time.
If you would like to help provide a joyous Easter: Donate a Pre-made Easter Basket
Moreover, we are calling upon the generosity of the community to contribute to our Easter Basket Drive by donating pre-made Easter baskets. Each basket, valued at $25-$30, will be filled with festive treats, toys, and surprises, bringing joy to families in need within our community.

Why Donate:
  • Brighten Easter for Families: Your contribution will directly enhance the Easter experience for families facing economic hardships.
  • Community Spirit: This initiative reflects the compassion and unity that define our community, showcasing our commitment to supporting our neighbors in their time of need.
How to Donate:
  1. Visit the Basket Donor Registration Page: Go to
  2. Assemble a Pre-made Easter Basket: Fill a basket with Easter goodies, chocolates, toys, and festive treats, books, ensuring a value of $25-$30.
  3. Drop-off Location: Deliver your pre-made Easter basket at 1720 South Livernois between March 11 – March 14.
About Neighborhood House:
We are the only full service human services agency in our area and rely on our neighbors, both individuals and organizations, to help make a difference. We are a commYOUnity of neighbors helping neighbors thrive.
For additional information or inquiries, please contact: Bris Roberts | | 248-651-5836 ext. 33

Neighborhood House is thrilled to share the joy of Easter with our community's families. We encourage all eligible clients to register their children for this special Easter basket initiative. We also ask that individuals, local businesses, and community organizations join us in making a meaningful impact by donating pre-made Easter baskets. Let's come together to make this Easter a season of happiness and celebration for every child in our community.

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