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Oakland University psychology professors publish ‘Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences’

The Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences
, which is co-edited by Oakland University Psychology Professors Virgil Zeigler-Hill and Todd K. Shackelford, was recently published by Springer Nature.


The encyclopedia is a massive seven-volume set that includes more than 1,500 entries written by leading experts from universities around the world and is nearly 6,000 pages in length. It is intended to provide a comprehensive resource that includes information about various topics related to personality and individual differences including assessment, research design, theoretical perspectives, and taxonomic issues.


"We were really fortunate to have the opportunity to work with so many wonderful authors during the course of this project,” said Zeigler-Hill, professor and director of graduate training for the Department of Psychology at Oakland University. “It was a truly unique experience dealing with such a broad array of topics and contributors. In the end, we were quite pleased by the breadth and depth of the encyclopedia."


According to Zeigler-Hill and Shackelford, their goal was to create an up-to-date reference for this increasingly important area and a key resource for those who are interested in personality, intelligence, motivation, cognition, emotion, aptitude, and their variations within members of a group.


“The Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences is the single most comprehensive resource available in the field, and includes over 1,500 entries contributed by leading researchers and rising stars,” said Shackelford, distinguished professor and chair of Psychology and co-director of the Evolutionary Psychology Lab at Oakland University. “After several years building the Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences, we are so proud to share it with the scientific world.”


The encyclopedia will be available primarily as an online resource but print copies will also be available.

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