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Origin Coaching Launches

Origin Coaching works with individuals and teams within project focused organizations, to embrace and engage their authentic leadership abilities, so that they become the go-to people for the customer and business to actualize strategic goals with exceptional results! 
As a project, program and process improvement leader with 25+ years in the corporate world, Tara Ondusky knows that it’s truly those that informally lead who help drive the revenue, satisfy the customer, and create the opportunities for business to succeed.  It’s the reason Origin Coaching was created.  To help those in informal leadership roles, like project and program managers, to create success because they are able to lead others, up, out and through an organization. 
Coaching is often available to the executive leadership team to drive results.  Tara’s abilities and experience as a certified Project Manager, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and ICF certified coach, creates engagement at all levels of the organization, with transparency and a passion, for project teams to drive those same results through the organization, by provoking purpose. 
Clients say that Origin Coaching programs allow them to reflect on their strengths and how best to bring them forward, while creating awareness for continued growth in both career and life.  They are able to increase their positive impact on their clients, their peers and the business through this increased awareness. Their leaders often experience new enthusiasm in their team members, who are now asking what’s possible or what’s another way to look at this? In doing so, they continually create exceptional results!
If you are interested in learning how Origin Coaching can help your teams provoke your strategic purpose and deliver exceptional results for your business, please contact Tara Ondusky for a half hour conversation to get started!

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