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OU INC Client Time2Talk and Elliott Data Systems Partner to Deliver Post-Pandemic Solution

OU INC client, Time2Talk (T2T) has partnered with Elliott Data Systems, Inc. Elliott Data Systems will bring T2T’s Talking Power Management Utility (TPMU) software utility solution to hospitals, warehouses, and industries adapting physical workspaces to accommodate the post pandemic future of work. 
More than ever:

  • Employers need tools to adapt their workspaces to support hybrid in-person and virtual work
  • Healthcare organizations need cost savings opportunities.
TPMU may be the solution. Early adopters have been saving 20% pre-pandemic.
Time2Talk developed TPMU as a software utility that tracks mobile device utilization and location in the healthcare industry. Today, customers from all industries are expressing interest in this low cost alternative to RFID chips. TPMU helps them determine how much space is needed in physical workspaces and reduce expenses associated with under-utilized computing devices.

New customers can now purchase this technology that is no longer limited to mobile and medical carts. T2T’s universal TPMU software, monitors desktops, thin clients, swappable batteries, and other devices.
“We hope the value we deliver enables our customers to direct tremendous cost savings towards the core of their business,” said Dean Figlioli, co-founder and CEO, T2T.
Elliott Data Systems is a key partner in ensuring smooth implementation and ongoing support.  Their service centric team assists companies with leveraging TPMU to manage their mobile device fleet.

Elliott Data Systems strong focus on customer service was pivotal in solidifying the partnership.
“The company values the personal aspect of building relationships with our customers. Elliott customers can expect a full service team of customer service, sales, project managers, and technicians to be at their disposal for anything from determining an effective solution to implementing your system” said Josh Dunbar, President and Co-Owner, Elliott Data Systems, Inc.

 “Time2Talk and Elliott Data Systems are working together to deliver technology to companies that want to realize 20% and more ROI on underutilized space and devices.

The maturity of T2T’s product and the quality of Elliott Data Systems service model are a great fit. Industry is going to embrace it widely,” said Steve Kent, OU Inc. Manager-Client Strategist, business advisor for Time2Talk.
For more information and to purchase T2T’s and Elliott Data Systems technologies and services contact Elliott Data Systems at 888.345.8511 or

Healthcare organizations focused on mobile cart device utilization should contact Kris Matheson, Elliott Data Systems Kris provides dedicated service to the healthcare industry.

About OU INC
OU INC is a SmartZone Business Incubator and Innovation Center, in collaboration with the City of Rochester Hills, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and strategic industry partners. With a focus on the energy, medical device, and information technology sectors, OU INC provides entrepreneurial resources and strategic business solutions for developing business ventures and accelerating ideas to market. OU INC is a certified International Soft Landing Zone through the International Business Innovation Association for international companies. For more information go to

About Time2Talk, LLC
Time2Talk, LLC provides a patented, device management, utility software solution that can be deployed to mobile-computer carts, including carts with swappable batteries, laptops, tablets, thin clients, and desktops to facilitate greater understanding of real time device utilization, uptime (availability), energy savings, and visibility, and to provide objective cost savings data. Visit for more information.

About Elliott Data Systems
Elliott Data Systems is a US integrator of technology products and services for healthcare, security, and identity management.  With a seasoned team and nearly 50 years of experience, Elliott Data is focused on providing long term solutions and building customer relationships.  Connect with Elliott Data Systems online at