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OU students welcomed at campus kickoff events

For the past few weeks, Oakland University’s First Year Advising Center has hosted Campus Kickoff events to welcome new students to campus. The kickoffs are part of the students’ orientation experience and the first part where they are on campus, said Sara Webb, senior director of First Year Success. 

“Our goal is to connect the students to our campus, to other students, and to the student service areas that will support them in their first year,” said Webb. “This year, we welcomed over 1,300 first-year students to campus during the kickoff events.” 

During the kickoffs, students broke out into small groups with an Orientation Group Leader (OGL) who guided them on a tour of campus. They picked up their GrizzCard at the ID Card Office, visited the OU Bookstore and stopped by student involvement offices.

Students also checked out the Recreation Center, The Tutoring Center, The First Year Advising Center, Student Financial Services and Kresge Library before capping off the tour at a Grizzly Celebration where they learned more about student services and opportunities for involvement. 

“While I’m on the tours, I tell the students about some of our campus history as well as the tons of resources that are available to them as OU students,” said OGL Nneka Duru, a senior majoring in nursing. “I believe that sharing anecdotal stories allows the students to truly connect with me as an Orientation Group Leader, and it also lets them know that these are resources that I, an OU student, have used.”

"A big focus of the information we provided at Campus Kickoffs was first-year success," added OGL Isabella Mahuad, a third-year student doubling major in international relations and Spanish. "Our tour included different offices that provide important resources, and we also went over tips for first-year success, like how to get organized and involved on campus. We also had a Moodle demonstration to get everyone familiar with its different features."

The OGLs carried signs with bold-printed words such as “Unity,” “Creativity” “Leadership” and “Respect.” Each OGL was given a word that aligns with their personality and character, explained Duru, whose sign was emblazoned with the word “Balance.” 

“Balance is important to me because it’s really how I like to live my life,” she said. “I believe that all elements should be in proper proportions. Initially I treated college like just a place for academics, or just a stepping stool that’s leads to the next step in life. However, once I started implementing other things into my college experience, it started to feel right. I focused on academics, social life, and my spiritual life, and once that happened, I truly felt like I was at an equilibrium and then campus became home.”  

For more information on OU’s First Year Advising Center, visit, email or call (248) 370-3227.

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