Spud Software Digital Mash-up Newsletter: July 30, 2019

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At Spud Software, we often refer to ourselves as “your local software company,” which is a phrase we do not say lightly. Time and again we encourage our employees to attend events outside of work because it’s important to all of us that we become active members of our community. Attending community events is especially encouraged to our employees if the event will help to promote healthy living and, better yet, if the event’s proceeds go toward a good cause. Just this past week, in fact, our team had both sponsored and participated in the 2nd Annual London Strong “Set Your Dreams” 5K, which dedicates itself to raising funds and creating awareness for various heart conditions, along with emphasizing the importance of CPR and AED.


Even though the term “workflow” has been around for nearly a century, workflows themselves have probably been around since the beginning of mankind. Of course, before the modern era arrived, workflows were managed by more traditional methods such a checklists or with the help of mechanical means like conveyor belts to assist workers. But today it’s easy to see how technology has greatly improved the systematic processes businesses undergo. As more and more complex business structures are produced, the necessity of reliable Workflow Management Software solutions will only increase.

The word “Workflow” can be a relatively broad term that covers any series of tasks that result in an outcome. When you take a car to get an oil change you might notice the mechanics following their own workflow. It’s the same for any job really, whether it’s a chef prepping a meal, construction workers building a structure, or even HR compiling an annual report. Most would agree that when a proven system is in place, it increases productivity and causes individuals to produce better work because it eliminates the likelihood of missed steps.


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