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Next Steps 4 Seniors: Conversations on Aging Podcast

We are thrilled to announce the newly syndicated radio program: “Next Steps 4 Seniors: Conversations on Aging” Podcast.

Wendy Jones, Founder and CEO of Next Steps 4 Seniors (of Oakland County, MI), along with panels of different experts, addresses many topics to empower and inform individuals as they age.  These topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Estate planning
  • Medicare
  • Simplifying Life
  • Impact of Aging on Driving
  • Transitioning into senior living
  • Health and wellness 
“Next Steps 4 Seniors: Conversations on Aging” Podcast provides a safe place for listeners to gain clarity and insightful knowledge on various aspects of aging, enabling them to make informed decisions. Wendy and her team of experts share practical advice and actionable steps to empower individuals to plan and manage resources effectively, thereby reducing the stress and anxiety associated with getting older.
In a world where the prospect of aging can be daunting, “Next Steps 4 Seniors: Conversations on Aging” emerges as a beacon of light, offering practical advice, expert insights, and a supportive community for those navigating the intricacies of growing older. Tune in weekly to your favorite podcast platform, Spotify, Apple, etc. to gain invaluable knowledge and confidence needed to face the golden years with optimism.
About Next Steps 4 Seniors: 
As seniors continue to age, staying at home may no longer be a viable option.  Families need to find alternative senior living solutions and guidance in making the right decisions.  Next Steps 4 Seniors offers FREE placement assistance and resources for senior living.
Find us at:
  • The Next Steps 4 Seniors corporate office at 248-651-5010
  • Facebook pages for Next Steps 4 Seniors and Conversations on Aging
  • Our website at
  • Your favorite podcast platform under Next Steps 4 Seniors (make sure to subscribe).

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