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Midcoast Studio

Midcoast Studio


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About Us

Midcoast is a visual solutions studio with a history of innovation in visual storytelling. Specifically, through our CGI, Digital Rendering, Retouching, Design, Photography, Animation and AR/VR/MR interactive expertise. We provide our clients efficiency and amortization of their product data applied in an engaging way through nearly every channel. The end result is the development, easy access and multi-use of creative images that tell the branded stories of products and services.

Video Media


  • Nine dedicated artists—seven dual CGI artists/retouchers, two dedicated retouchers.
  • The majority of our artists hold either illustration or design degrees.
  • We have a dedicated production team that is included in our pricing structure.
  • Supported by a 125kw Diesel Generator capable of running all Midcoast services, including HVAC, during power outages.
  • All data is backed up each day both on-site at Midcoast and off-site at Liberty Center.


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Rep/Contact Info

Matt Armstrong
Account Executive
Jay Dunstan
Director of Digital Services
Donna Jackson
President & COO

Chamber Trustees